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Dealty gives you all the tools needed to buy or sell your home on your own, like a pro. No unnecessary fees, no hidden information. It's real estate done your way.

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Sell and Buy on Your Own

Gain instant access to all of the tools and tips you need to buy or sell your home. We believe that the power should be in the homeowner's hands, not a real estate agent’s.

Keep Your Equity

Sell without an agent and put your home's value back into your pocket. Dealty saves homeowners a minimum of $19,000 based on a national average home price.

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Selling Made Easy

Determine your home’s value, set your price, and put your property on the market. Next, schedule a photo shoot of your home with a professional photographer at no cost to you!

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Buy with Confidence.

Communicate directly with the homeowner and be sure you’re getting the best deal with our price comparison map of listings.


How it Works


Create a Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, or the area you’re relocating to.

Describe Your Home

Give details pertaining to the value and condition of your home, or the requirements of the home you’re searching for.

Sell or Buy Your Home

Determine your value and price to put your property on the market, or chat with homeowners to tour and buy your dream home.


 Accessible, Easy, Empowering — That’s Dealty.

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I always thought I had to use an agent to sell my home, but Dealty gave me all the tools to do it on my own. It’s super easy!”

— Craig S. Phoenix, AZ

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Buy or sell your home on your own, like a pro.